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Giving Tuesday Donors

  • Cindy N Steve Favreau
  • Stephanie Scott
  • Kelly Brechting
  • Allison Harris Bannister
  • Bijoy Pananghat
  • Rick Schull
  • Serasly Yang
  • Mayumi Balfour
  • Manoj Mulki
  • Ramesh Patel
  • May Thao
  • Mimi Williams
  • Annabelle Vergara Brinks
  • Dawn Baker
  • Pramod Rane
  • Patty DeCenzo
  • Riza Marasigan Summerfield
  • Shay Kraley
  • Ka Thao
  • Monica Sparks
  • Christopher John Wilson

Taste of Asia Donors

  • Liem Nguyen
  • Liaison Linguistics, LLC Nguyet-Anh Tran
  • Serena Nguyen
  • Jason DeVries
  • Varnum LLP Luis Avila
  • Bangkok Taste Cuisine
  • Robert Schmunsler
  • Mai Thao

Pasko Filipino Lantern

  • Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.
  • Start Garden Jorge Gonzalez
  • Sanse Filipino Cuisine
  • The Porczynski Agency
  • Ace the Old National Banker
  • Firefly by Kavy
  • Philippine Cultural Group of Michigan (PCGoM)
  • The City of Grand Rapids Office of Special Events
  • Jocelyn Sabin
  • Alma Agunod Coon
  • Jackie Canamo Marasigan
  • Annabelle Brinks.
  • Metron Health Integrated Systems
  • Brenda Newcombe

The Golden 99 Group

  • Liem Nguyen
  • Chue Chou Kue
  • Manoj Mulki
  • Kelly Brechting
  • Serena Nguyen
  • Heather Schuyler-Burse

Company Challenge

GRAPF Team Volunteer of the Year Award

The company with the most volunteer hours at Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival 2019 wins The GRAPF Team Volunteer of the Year Award! Bragging rights, company and group photo at the website as the best company team of the year!

Do you have what it takes to take on the reigning champ, the team?

As an added bonus: each employee that completes 6 volunteer hours, gets a free #GRAPF2019 t-shirt!

This year our community came together to support our local TSA Federal agents during the government shutdown.

In no particular order we want to acknowledge:

Abacus Chinese Restaurant, Bangkok Taste Cuisine, Cafe Boba, India Market, Indian Masala, The Candied Yam, Tamales Mary, Manoj Mulki,, Emonae Korean BBQ, Zoe Sun, Allison Bannister – Freelance Writer, Phi Long Dang, Patty DeCenzo, Magic 104.9, Townsquare Media, Riza Marasigan Summerfield, Jessica Ann Tyson, John Mark Becker, Yentze Rose, Lis Bokt, Saleem Usmani, Yili Bonarski, Robert Schmunsler, Sonal Patel, Ramesh Patel, The Porczynski Agency, PHO 616 Grand Rapids, Lynne Pope, Nadira Kharmai-Freed, DV Rosie, Stacie Tamaki, Stephanie Scott, Mayumi Balfour, Adam Porczynski, Choua Kue, REDD, Jackie Canamo Marasigan, Emily Loeks, Justin Barclay, Kavy Lenon, Two Eagles Marcus, Mai Thao, Bill Johnson, Darcy Traxler, Jimmy Le, TyGR Nguyen, Barb O’Connor, Raul Alvarez, Raquel Guzman, Avanti Law Group, PLLC, Rene Guzman, Chris Andrus, The Mitten Brewing Company

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