2017 Grand Rapids Asian Festival Schedule of Events

9:00pmFestival Closes
10:00 - 10:45am
Origami Workshop with Stacie Tamaki
@GR Art Museum Studio
Originally from California, artist Stacie Tamaki of Tinygami and West Michigan Origami Folding Club will present her work and teach origami. She has also been an Artprize artist. Folding will continue in the Activities Area after her workshop. Paper cranes can be given to help accumulate 1000 to donate to the Children’s Healing Center.
Taiko Drummers
Michigan Hiyru Daiko
Dynamic professional taiko (Japanese) drumming group, sets the official start of Grand Rapids Asian Festival.
11:15am Small Village in the Rain (Dance)
Chinese Association of West Michigan
Poetic string and wind melodies and misty rainwater instantly bring audience to the rainy small villages in southern Jiangsu of China. Beautiful ladies in traditional dress, holding a paper umbrella, dance in the ethereal melodies so gracefully and elegantly.

Performers: Rachel Cheng, Yan Yu and Ping Zhao.
11:15 - 12:00pm Baybayin Presentation/Workshop with Kristian Kabuay
@GR Art Museum Studio
San Francisco based calligraphy artist Kristian Kabuay will be presenting his work with Baybayin (ancient pre-Filipino script) and conduct a workshop. More of his work will be available in the Activities Area after the workshop.
From the Heart Yoga Center
Join Behnje Masson, Owner of From the Heart Yoga Center, for an interactive presentation exploring the joy of movement through Heart Centered Hatha Yoga. Suitable for all levels of students.
12:00pm Opening Ceremony
with Lion Dancers
Announcement with Jennifer Pascau. Welcome remarks by Minnie Morey, WMAAA Executive Director. Remarks by Evette Pittman, representing the City of Grand Rapids. Remarks by David Dams, representing Old National Bank. Committee member introduction by Ace Maragisan.
12:20pm Taiko Drummers Michigan Hiyru Daiko second set
12:35pmOkinawan Drum DanceThe translation of ' Ashibina-' means playground. In the context of the Eisa dance it wants the ancestral spirits to have a good visit. This dance is performed during the Obon Festival, the festival of the dead. This Festival is celebrated every year in mid- August. This festival entices the spirits of the dead back to their earthly home for a short visit. Then induces them to return to the other world after their visit. Eisa dances are very popular on Okinawa. Many villages and groups have their own dance teams who compete against each other to see who's the best.

Name of performers: Setsuko Branderhost, Kazue Server, Yukiko Tompkins , Fumiko Vankirk, Eiko Miyagi
12:45pm Laotian DanceCombining the richness of Lao music with the graceful movements of dancers, Lao dance is distinctive and sets Laos apart from its neighbors. The traditional Lam Vong dance will be performed today by the Lao CRC Church of Holland.
1:00pm Tai Chi/Kung Fu Demo
Master Lee’s School of Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kungfu & Tai Chi Jeung
Sifu Lee Hoa Yen was born in Fujien province in China. When he was 14, he immigrated south to Saigon. It is in Saigon( Ho Chi Min City) that he met Sigong Chiu Chuk Kai and began his studies of Chuk Kai’s Tai Chi Praying Mantis System. After many years of intense daily training with the Chiu Chuk Kai, Sifu Lee inherited the complete Tai Chi Praying Mantis System. The complete system includes internal and external training, hand routines, and the 18 classical weapons of Kung Fu. In addition Sifu Lee is known for his expertise in Tai Chi Praying Mantis and Tai Chi Jeung Techniques, Iron Shirt , Iron Palm, and Exotic Weapons. Sifu Lee was selected as one of the 12 disciples of Grandmaster Chiu. These disciples became known as “The 12 Guardians” in Chuk Kai's Tai Chi Praying Mantis System. Sifu Lee still actively participates in the classes at the YWCA assisted by his Senior Student, Rick Powell, along with John Winkelman, Mark Van Kuik, and Tracy Olmstead. Check sifulee.com for more information.
1:20pm Taiko DrummersMichigan Hiyru Daiko 3rd set
1:30pmLotus Pond Moon Light, Blooming Flowers, and Full Moon
Chinese Association of West Michigan
Chinese group dance as a form of fitness exercise indoor and outdoor. You can see this form of dance everywhere in China. Dancing together in the mornings and evenings has become part of the active lifestyle for retirees. They enjoy dancing and socializing together on a daily basis. Please enjoy the beautiful dances and music together.
1:40pm Pacific Island DancersThe Pacific Island Dancers, directed by Minnie Morey, performs cultural dances from the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti. The group provides an educational as well as an entertaining program for diverse audiences, community and private events. The dancers will be accompanied by the "Hoapili" musicians group from the Chicago area.
2:20pmDanfe Jhain Nachne
Bhutanese Dance Group
2:30pm Live Calligraphy (Baybayin) PerformanceSan Francisco artist Kristian Kabuay’s large scale calligraphy performance. (Baybayin: Pre-Filipino script)
2:45pm Giring Giring
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Dance Group
Indonesian Dance
3:00pm Aikido Demo
Grand Rapids Aikikai Kyoseikan Dojo
The Kyoseikan Dojo is a traditional martial arts and Japanese culture school. Dedicated to the study of self protection, community empowerment, and most importantly self-development the Kyoseikan dojo is home to the arts of Aikido, Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do, Iaido (traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Women's Self Defense courses, Zen@10! (our Sunday mornings meditation group), and Japanese Language and Shodo (brush work/writing) Classes! Here you will find serious students and instructors with a passion for development through training in a safe (and very clean) environment. We Welcome & Respect All Individuals From All Walks Of Life (& expect the same in return). The Kyoseikan Dojo is currently accepting new students for all programs (please note only the Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do program is accepting students under the age of 16 at this time).
3:15pm Sajani Sajani Radhika Lo Dance (1)
Bengali Dance
Performed on a song, ‘Sajani Sajani Radhika Lo’ written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This dance is a fusion of two dance forms: Rabindranritya and Kathak.

Participants: Sangeeta Ghosh, Mousumi Mallick, and Banhishikha Mazumda.
Pindare Polasher Bon Folk Dance (2)
Bengali Dance
Folk dance performed on a song, ‘Ranga Matir Pathe.’

Participants: Pubali Bagchi, Moumita Ghosh Bhattacharya, Kantashree Majumdar, Dyuti Chaudhuri Dey, and Lena
3:25pm Lion DancersLion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume.
3:40pm Bollywood Fusion
Intro by: Sangeeta Ghosh
Enjoy a mix of high energy Bollywood hits by these two siblings: Kevin and Rea Parocaran
3:55pm Radha-Krishna DanceFusion of Indian classical dance forms - Kathak and Bharathanatyam depicting the essence of affection between Radha and Krishna.

Participants- Rea Parocaran & Prathibha Balan.
4:00pm Luong Chi Cuong, Anh Trang & Adrian DangVietnamese singer performs with elaborate costume changes. In between songs, Anh Trang accompanied by Adrian Dang will perform.
4:30pmIaido Demo
Katherine Roo Heins Sensei
Into by: Mayumi Balfour
Iaido, a form of Japanese swordsmanship, involves the study of forms in which the practitioner draws a sword from its scabbard in a smooth, controlled movement; cuts down one or more visualized opponents; removes the blood from the blade; and then replaces the sword in scabbard.

The essence of Iaido is the unification of body, mind, spirit, and sword, so that all work together in harmony. Through this practice one cultivates self-respect, courage, poise, and the ability to relax when facing difficult situations. The ability to harness physical action and mental concentration in a single effort, and in a “natural” and efficient manner, is cultivated by the effort to be completely in the present moment, fully aware of one’s surroundings.

Iaido is focused on cultivating the mind and conditioning the body through rigorous and focused training, with the objective of improving the self rather than preparing to harm others. This objective can be summarized as the cultivation of fudoshin (不動心, “immovable mind” or “immovable heart”), a state of psychological and spiritual equanimity or imperturbability.
4:45pm Mastani
Bollywood dance
Combining the mythical beauty of ancient India along with the modern spirit of Bollywood. We present you the vibrant dance to the song Diwani Mastani from the movie Bajirao Mastani. Participants-Naomi Philip, Megha Gordon, Rea Parocaran, Serin Joice, Rachel Thomas, Reena Mathews ,Prathibha Balan, Mitra Bijoy
5:00pm Karaoke ContestHosted by Alice Kennedy
5:20pm A.C.E. AwardAsian Community Excellence Award
5:30pm Lion DancersLion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume.
5:40pm Roll Call of NationsGeorge Aquino will name countries for folks to shout for their country of origin/nationality
5:55pm Fashion ShowHosted by Claire Horlings
6:15pm Tae Kwon Do Demo
The Good Institute of Tae Park Tae Kwon Do
The Good Institute of Tae Park Tae Kwon Do The Good Institute is a branch of Tae Park Tae Kwon Do. Tae Park Tae Kwon Do was started by Grand Master Tae Zee Park in 1974 in Jackson, Michigan. Grand Master Park (9th Dan) is a well known TKD Grand Master with over 50 years as a Black Belt, Korean Champion 1963-1968, Instructor National Teacher's College, Vice-President Chung Do Kwan Alumni in the USA. He is a direct student of Grand Master Woon Kyu Uhm.
6:30pm RevelAsiansFilipino rock band based in Grand Rapids, with some songs in Tagalog and English.
7:00pm Sin Republic Hair DemoSin Chun, owner of Sin Republic hair salon, will demonstrate Vortex, the hair sculpting technique he created.
7:15pm Karate Demo
Uechi-Ryu Karate Do
Uechi-Ryu is an intense traditional Okinawan style of karate. Uechi blends native Okinawa techniques with a style of Chinese Kung fu in strong system that emphasizes strong body conditioning, quick powerful open hand strikes, and pointed toe kicks. Youth and Adult programs available with the first trial class FREE!
7:30pm TiniklingThe Tinikling is regarded as the national dance of the Philippines. The folk dance portrays tikling birds who are a nuisance to farmers in the fields who try to trap them. Two dancers perform this dance between two bamboo representing the traps.
7:40pm Rangila Khelaiya
Gujarati Folk Dance
Choreographed by Sonal Patel
7:55pm 61syx Teknique61Syx Teknique provides a high energy, interactive, all ages performance that displays the roots of Hip Hop Culture in it’s purest form.
8:10pm DJ Ace MarasiganAsian Dance music
8:30pmDJ ParraDJ Jon Parra will be closing out the Festival. He produces and performs different genres such as moombahton, dubstep, electro, trap, future bass, rap, and glitch hop.
2017 Grand Rapids Asian Festival Schedule of Events