Logo Design

In the past few weeks, we have been working with the Holland Tech Center Graphic Design students to help create the inaugural Grand Rapids Asian Festival Logo. The Holland Tech Center Graphic Design class focuses on teaching high school students the basic components of good design by exploring proper use of layout, color, and typography. They use this skillset to help communicate business and industry needs.

Over 40+ designs were submitted, it was difficult to select just one because they were all unique and creatively designed. Through the voting process, we are happy to announce that the winner is Sarah Neumann.

In sharing the good news with Sarah, we had the pleasure to discuss her thoughts and view about the festival. “When I first heard about the festival, I was very excited that finally, we have some type of Asian representation in our area.  Something that I can relate to and excited to help create the logo for the event.”  Sarah is half Japanese.

It was important for our team to engage the students and the community. We wanted the logo to represent the rich, colorful cultures that represent Asia, to highlight diverse groups and traditions.

Colors are very important and have many meanings from one region to another. For example, in Eastern Asia, the color red means joy and a bridal color. In China, red is the color of celebration, good luck, happiness and a long life. The color red in the Philippine flag symbolizes courage and patriotism. And in India, red is the color of purity.

Orange is considered a sacred color in places like India and Eastern Asia. In Japan and China, people associate orange with courage, happiness, and love. In Eastern Asia and China, blue represents immortality; and in India, Krishna.

We will recognize Sarah at the festival as the winner of the logo contest.




Kavy (Asian Fest Committee) – And our logo design winner Sarah Neumann.